: : Klondike Kate : :
Katherine Ryan was a heart-broken young woman who left Johnsville, New Brunswick to come to the Great White North. She hoped that those left behind would eventually realize that she was someone special. She accomplished this lifelong goal by becoming one of the most well known names in Yukon History. Come feel the presence of this very exotic woman of the Klondike by spending a night in this cabin.

: : Fanny Partridge : :
Fanny Partridge and husband Otto originally came from England. As a Victorian woman in the winter wonderland called 'Ben-My-Chree', she stood out in her velvet and laced gown. With more than a decade of financial backing from Lord Egerton, Fanny developed a wilderness paradise with acres of flower gardens, wooden walkways, and stone wishing wells.

: : Ma Pullen : :
When Ma Pullen arrived in Skagway, Alaska in 1897, she was able to ascend quickly in the community because of her hard work and courage. She went from rags to riches, and formed Alaska's most popular tourist hotel. A piece of history died with her passing in August of 1947. When her hotel, the Pullen House, deteriorated beyond use, this cabin was constructed.
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